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ESS6 Fashion

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Your pet cat is a loyal buddy. They are precious to you that you want to give them the best care.

But sometimes, tidying them up or rubbing their itch can be a little tedious, especially that you’re not always at home to pamper them. And get a grooming service can be quite expensive on a regular basis.

A multifunction brush that grooms, massage and rub the itch off your cat Aren’t it great? But the more amazing part is your pet can do all these on their own! 
Have your cat pampered with these Self Groomer Brush for Cats


         1 pcs self-groomer 
          1 bag catnip  
          4 pcs Self-tapping screws+ 
          4 pcs  sponge double-sided adhesive



  • The brush has soft plastic bristles that comb the hair and remove dander, without excessively scratching the fur and skin. It can also be a massager.
  • Made of durable plastic material that’s sure to last.
  • Simple installation, easy fix to wall corner or table leg. Double adhesive tapes and screws are supplied.
  • Easily detach/attach the brush from its frame to clean it.
  • Comes with a bag of catnip. Additional supply is sold separately.
  • Great for your cat’s grooming and enjoyment.


The durable and soft plastic bristles gently comb the hair, removing loose fur and dander. This will save you some dime on your regular trip to the vet for grooming. And will also save you time cleaning dander off your carpets.



The act of rubbing can give a sensation of massaging that relaxes your favorite pet. Less petting and patting, more time playing with your cat!

Rub itch conveniently.

Your pet doesn’t need to overextend their legs or twist their bodies just to rub the itch off. All they need to do is to rub their bodies on the self-groomer brush to sooth of the itch.

You might be thinking how it is possible that they can do those activities on their own. Don’t worry, got this covered!

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